THEA 2010 Analysis Paper

THEA 2010 Analysis Paper  “Young Frankenstein”   We can wish all we want that we lived in a world where vampires and werewolves live and mad scientists can bring the dead back to life, but it will not change anything. We can dream but reality will still say no. Reality will not let us make it real, so we will find another way. This is what books and movies and plays are for. Because is if reality refuses to let us go on an adventure, we will follow someone else’s. Dr. Frederick Frankenstein got to go on a journey we will never get to go on. So, let’s follow him and experience it with him. When we first meet Dr. Frederick Frankenstein we learn immediately about his past. We learn about the horrors his family has spread. Then quite clearly, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein shows how he wants nothing to do with any of it. He wants to be his own man. He wants to be known for what he has done, not what his family has done. To make this clear, he changes how to pronounce his name. When he changes his name, he rejects his family. Dr. Frederick Frankenstein also tries to become everything he thinks his family are not. He goes to school to learn what he calls real science. Next, he even begins to teach it to others. He strives to be a good man and not the villain of a horror story. He wants to write his own legacy instead of just accepting the one that was made for him, yet his past just won’t stay away.   When Dr. Frederick Frankenstein grandfather dies it send him on a trip back to where he came from. He meets the servant would have worked with if he had stayed instead running off. Then just for a second, he seems to forget his hate for his family rejoices in the reunion of the man he never met, Igor, but soon he remembers and swears again that he will not be like his family. While on the way to the castle, he meets the lab assistant Igor has chosen and again starts to struggle with his “no mad experiments policy”. Inga is a very pretty and a very smart woman who is looking forward to helping Dr. Frederick Frankenstein with his experiments and any of his other needs. Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, who is very lonely after his fiancée refuses to let him touch her, can’t help but want to please her. These two interactions are the beginning of  Dr. Frederick Frankenstein resolve starting to crumble. Later, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein meets his family in a dream and then finds his grandfather's secret lab where he learns that the science his family has practiced for years is valid. With this knowledge Dr. Frederick Frankenstein begins his very own mad experiments to bring the dead to life, and by the end of the end of the play he declares that he is a Frankenstein. 
  Dr. Frederick Frankenstein’s objective may have been to leave the man he was born to be behind, but no matter the tactics he tried, like separating himself from his family’s legacy, he failed in accomplishing his objective. The experiences he had on his journey changed his mind, and even though he became what he once thought he hated he was happy in the end. We got a happy ending where we learned that the monsters and mad scientists were not evil. Where found the place where they fit.   By the end of the play, everyone learned something. They didn’t just learn a new lesson and moved on either. The amazing thing about “Young Frankenstein” is that you get to watch all of the characters grow. From the main characters to the extras, all of them seem to have some sort of character development. This development also comes from more than just the writing. The acting, the directing, the sets, the props, the music, and everything else is what made this story come to life. Everything working together told this beautiful, funny story. I’m happy I got to follow Dr. Frederick Frankenstein and learn with him that not everything is as evil as it seems and that denying who you are hurts you most of all. I hope it is a lesson I never forget.